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Whether you’re a great writer or don’t know where to start, we’ll take you by the hand and walk you through the writing and editing process until your book is complete and ready to be published.

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Our knowledgeable editors, known as Literary Baes, help writers develop and refine their concepts and polish their manuscripts. Editors also provide insightful feedback and tips for improvement.

Our graphic designer works closely with each writer to make sure each book cover captures the book’s essence and is appealing to readers.

The Good Ground Literary Services team works together to ensure each book meets industry standards for editing and formatting before it’s published.

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Non- fictionThe Purposed & Published Author Program

Learn how to write a life-changing book that captures your message and helps you carry out your purpose in 6 months or less.  Our hands-on book writing and boss-building program teaches aspiring authors how to inspire, empower and motivate their readers while offering personal knowledge and shortcuts to success. Whether you’re looking to share your personal journey, educate others through a specific niche, or dissect a topic to help others gain a new perspective, this program is designed to guide writers every step of the way. With live Q&A calls, feedback from professional editors, and access to a supportive writing community, you’ll find your voice as a writer and make an impact on your audience and future readers to come. Use your story as a superpower that can transform your life and the lives of your readers as well.

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Whether you’re working on your first novel or your 15th, you want a book that grabs your readers from the start and keeps them turning the pages. In our unique approach to teaching Fiction, you’ll get your very own BAE, Bad Ass Editor, to help you with character building, narrative voice, plot development, scene-setting, pacing, dialogue, and more. This intimate coaching and editing relationship will help push you to develop your ideas and craft a powerful story that will captivate readers. In addition to resources and guidance, you’ll receive professional editing throughout the process, including guidance, accountability, and direction, all from your BAE. With access to strategies and writing systems that work, your BAE will be by your side, invested in bringing success to you and your project. Be challenged in your writing and feel confident that you’ve not only completed your novel but have grown exponentially as an author.

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Help your learners put into practice the information and expertise you provide with a journal or workbook! As a coach, mentor, or expert in your field, creating a killer workbook or journal for your community requires a significant amount of planning to drive your message further. This service will connect you with a talented branding consultant who helps strategize your journal or workbook for optimal use and performance. In addition to assisting with content development, you’ll receive full editing and design of your workbook or journal to ensure your brand reaches new heights. Elevate your brand with a custom-designed workbook that lets you teach it in courses, workshops, or as a stand-alone product. Whether you’re expanding on a current course and want to incorporate a workbook or have a brand that can benefit from a powerful journal highlighting impactful concepts, this finished product is an opportunity to elaborate on your goal and engage readers in a deeper more interactive way.

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Developmental edit

Just as important as the idea or storyline, developmental editing is crucial to the writing process. As an author, it can be challenging to identify your own gaps. There’s nothing worse than a brilliant idea or book that gets overshadowed by gaping plot holes, inconsistent messaging, or unclear narratives. With this service, a BAE, Bad Ass Editor, will comb through your project to ensure readers are getting everything they can out of your words. With careful attention to detail, this service ensures that your goals are met, your story is clear, and your voice shines and inspires. For non-fiction authors who want to motivate readers to take action, fiction writers who want to further their character development voice, and more, this edit will help to smooth out all the kinks. In an immersive review session with your BAE you’ll receive intentional feedback, including a  detailed writing assessment highlighting your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses. You’ll also receive clear directions on how to move your project forward. You can feel confident as a writer that your work has been thoroughly reviewed and is ready for the next step.   

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In today’s literary landscape, there are different paths to getting your words out to readers. In fact, more and more authors are choosing to self-publish their books rather than going the traditional publishing route.  In an effort to provide authors with creative control and professional execution, this publishing service provides everything you’ll need to transform your manuscript into a published masterpiece. 

From a final grammar edit, complete professional layout, ebook conversion, author bio, and book synopsis to a custom marketing and promotional plan, and promotional materials, this package covers every step you’ll need to produce a quality product that represents you and your brand and has a lasting impact on your readers. This service transfers all the heavy lifting to us so you can focus on your marketing plan and brand messaging. Set yourself up for success with a publishing service that gets all the work done behind the scenes in preparation for your upcoming release.

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