I was 8 years old when I fell in love with writing. I stumbled on the poem, Ego Tripping by Nikki Giovanni and it was the first time I’d read words written by someone who looked like me that made me feel powerful and fearless.  I knew then there was nothing more I wanted than to be a writer. 

So,  I wrote any and everything I could. I wrote and edited for newspapers, magazines, and publishing companies. I studied writing and got a Master’s degree in English and Composition Studies. I learned how to teach people how to write about what they care about most, and I worked a steady side hustle helping dozens of writers share their stories. Finally, in 2015 I wrote my own book. I signed with Simon & Schuster, quit my toxic job, and stepped out on bold audacious faith to follow my dreams full-time. 

And baby, as crazy as it may seem, writing that one book changed my life.

Writing one book forced me to take a chance on myself, and since then I’ve become a  best-selling author, speaker, celebrity ghostwriter, and executive editor. I turned my love for words into a multiple six-figure author coaching and publishing business, Good Ground Literary Services. Every day my dedicated team of Literary BAEs (Bad Ass Editors) and I help incredible people with powerful stories write life-changing books.

After working with me and the BAEs, our writers have achieved bestseller status, become advocates for a cause, won international book awards, given TedTalk talks, launched successful speaking careers, been featured in Forbes, and started their own six-figure businesses. 

I love what I do, and I love seeing our writers win. I can help you win too. 

If you’re ready to write that one badass book that’s going to change the game for you, here’s how you can work with me and my team to get it done.

Books by Sharai and the BAEs

Guided by Sharai’s mission to empower others to find their voices, capture their stories, and achieve publishing success, Good Ground Literary Services gives self-published fiction and nonfiction authors the tools and support they need to create bad ass books that get them booked on stages and earning income from sharing their message