Write and Publish A Book That Grows Your Incluence, Impact and Income.

You know you should have already written that book you keep talking aboutbut the idea of actually doing it scares the hell out of you.

You know you have a story to share, and experiences, knowledge, and real-life expertise that can help somebody else, but you don’t know how or where to start.

You get overwhelmed by all the ideas in your head

You second guess if your story is even valuable

You keep stopping and starting and then you end up not writing at all

You’ve got random notes everywhere but no system or structure to put it all together

But What if you could beat all that?

What if you got past all that’s been holding you back?

Can you imagine how it would feel to finally write and publish that book you’ve been struggling with for years?

Imagine if:

  • ZYou got clartiy and direction on your story and saved time and energy writing
  • ZYou learned how to write a book the right way the first time without confusion and delays
  • ZYou learned how to publish like a boss without frustration and costly mistakes
  • ZYou gave your readers valuable and rememberable takeaways all while being your authentic self
  • ZYou learned how to market your book like a professional without spending thousands hiring a team
  • ZYou turned your message into multiple streams of income and changed your life forever…

How different would your life be if you just did it?
Now! Instead of you keep pushing it off til later.
What if you wrote one life-changing book right now?

This is it!

Now is the time to write the one book that can change your life. You’ve been running from it for way too long — it’s time to finally share your story and the impactful lessons you’ve learned along the way.

And in the Purposed and Published Author Program, you’ll get it done and do it right.


In Purposed and Published, we provide a proven system, training, and resources to ensure you have the tools to write and publish a life-changing book.

Since the program, I have published my first book. I sold almost 40 copies of my first weekend of release. I have been featured in 2 magazines and I’ve had a podcast feature all within the first few weeks of releasing my book so it’s been awesome and the results have been amazing.

Ashlee Epps

Author of Mommy of an Angel

I wouldn’t be where I am today without Sharai’s help, my book would never have made it to the point of being published. I lacked confidence in my abilities and now, I’m confident enough to release my words to the world. I’m thrilled about my book’s release and view it as a starting point for me to reach the next level in my life. Sharai has been instrumental in helping me achieve this goal. I struggled to articulate my thoughts and was hesitant to write them down. Sharai provided the push and guidance I needed to express myself and turn my ideas into a book.

Stephanie Strickland

Author of *AWARD-WINNING* Finding Peace Within

The only thing I can say is that the course exceeded my expectations! Sharai really knows her stuff and she doesn’t hold back from giving you everything she has and knows. I felt like I signed up for a Coach but got a Coach, Mentor, Sister, Friend who is genuinely rooting for me and wants me to succeed. Well worth the investment but to be honest I felt the experience was more than money could buy.”

Jena Janse

Author of Ring Ready

Sharai is someone who can ask you questions no one has ever asked you and you’ll get answers you didn’t even know were there. I didn’t expect to become a better speaker by learning how to write but I’m thankful for all of the  transformative moments throughout this process. I would not have been able to write a quality book without Sharai and I stil I got more than what I invested.

Jeremiah Brown

Lead Like A Champion

I just want to say thank you to Sharai. She is amazing and has a wonderful program that helped me so much. I’m doing a conference based on my book  to help trauma victims, people that have survived sexual abuse, domestic violence. The fact that people have reached out to me and told me how my book has helped them and really has pushed them to want to get to the healing and having a better life, is what success is to me. It’s he impact that you can have on people through helping them and Sharai did that for me so I could that for others.

Dr. Laurine LeBlanc

Author of Unapologetically Resilient

Life changing!  Beyond all of the technical information I received about the writing and the publishing process, this course gave me the confidence I needed to not only complete and publish my book but also to fully step into the role of expert author.  Sharai awakened who I knew I was, but was scared to be. I have almost doubled my coaching clients. After they read the book they are already sold on the fact that working with me is worth the investment.

Kiera Ingram

Author of How to Become a Real Estate Boss

Here’s how we’re Different

  • P&P is taught by a professional editor and ghostwriter with over 21 years of book writing and editing experience
  • We show you how to turn your message into additional income streams like workbooks, courses or seminars.
  • We’ve helped hundreds of aspiring authors, speakers and coaches write and publish life-changing books.
  • We provide proven and easy to follow templates to streamline the writing process for even the newest of writers.
  • We teach you how to position yourself as an expert before you write
  • You’ll be a part of an inspiring, driven and supportive community of writers working toward a goal just like you

This Program will help you

  • Gain clarity and direction so you stop wasting time trying to figure out how to get started
  • Write with confidence so you can be seen as an authority on your topic
  • Lock in on your target audience so you understand what they want and need and learn how to turn that into something worth reading
  • Write clear and compelling chapters even if you flunked English class.
  • Grow your knowledge about the publishing process and learn how to create a high quality book so you can build your credibility and authority.
  • Multi-purpose your message so you can build multiple streams of income through speaking, courses, journals, workshops, workbooks and much more
  • Create the brand messaging and imaging for your social media and schedule content so you can reach more followers and fans easily and organically.
  • Create freebies and other tools to build and grow your email list
  • Create a customized marketing plan so you can target your exact audience with the precise message that makes them want to take action

Here’s the breakdown on The Purposed & Published Author Program

We’ll go through 5 Phases

Phase 1
Discovery and Development

In in Phase One, you’ll lock into who you are as an author and define what matters to you most. We’ll get clarity around your purpose and your define your core messaging so develop a solid foundation for your book, your brand and your marketing. 


Phase 2
audience and market research

In in Phase Two, you’ll do a deep dive into learning your audience and defining your perfect reader. You’ll learn how to build their needs into your manuscript so you can fill your book with content your reader actually needs.


Phase 3
Where the Writing Happens

Phase Three is where the actual writing takes place. You’ll learn my chapter writing framework to shortcut your writing time, along with an easy-to-follow chapter structure template to simplify the process. You’ll learn how to organize your ideas and write chapters full of valuable content. 


Phase 4
killer intro & conclusion

In Phase Four, you’ll  learn how to write a kick-ass intro that snags your readers right from the start and gives value from the very first page. You’ll also learn how to wrap up your brilliance with a powerful conclusion following a concise and easy-to-follow conclusion template. 


Phase 5
Publish Like A Boss

In Phase Five, You’ll learn all the ins and outs of the publishing process so you can create your own powerhouse publishing company.  We’ll do a deep dive into all things publishing, including: book formatting, interior layout, cover design and eBook conversion. Plus, you’ll get access to my list of vetted and professional resources.


Special Bonuses


our targeted guide to Book Marketing. This isn’t just generic advice; you’ll get an Authentic Marketing Strategy, a customizable template, and actionable analytics insights to make your book a game-changer for your coaching business. Plus, we’ve thrown in a comprehensive list of essential marketing resources to set you on the path to success. Don’t just publish—profit.


Learn how to seamlessly transform your book’s expertise into profitable online courses or training programs. Dive into creating and selling value-added workbooks, study guides, or worksheets to supplement your book’s content. Explore offering personalized coaching or consulting services that turn your readers into dedicated clients. This bonus even includes a “20 Streams of Income Generator Template,” along with real-world client case studies and examples to inspire and guide you. Don’t just share your message—monetize it.


Stop the guesswork on where to focus your social media efforts; we’ll show you the platforms that yield the most results. Elevate your visuals with our Canva Graphic and eBook Training, complete with editable templates. Keep your posts consistent and targeted with a Fully Customizable Social Media Calendar. Unlock proven strategies to craft engaging content that not only resonates with your target audience but also converts them into loyal followers. Master the intricacies of content distribution, community engagement, and viral marketing for long-lasting impact.


Boost your impact with our exclusive “Email Marketing Training.” Don’t just build a list—create an engaged community. This training takes you beyond the basics, teaching you how to foster meaningful engagement and create buzz for book launches. Learn to cultivate a loyal tribe of subscribers who can’t wait to open your next email. Get hands-on guidance for setting up email automations and autoresponders, making your email marketing as efficient as it is effective.


Our training equips you with actionable strategies to amplify your book’s reach and boost sales through speaking engagements. Whether you’re giving a book talk, joining a panel, or keynoting a conference, we’ll guide you in leveraging your voice for maximum impact. Learn to blend storytelling and expertise to captivate your audience and turn listeners into loyal readers. Take your book from the page to the podium and watch your influence soar.


Learn how to articulate the purpose and objectives of your event for a laser-focused impact. We’ll guide you through developing a riveting program filled with keynotes, workshops, and interactive activities that hold attendees captive. Master the art of speaker and facilitator selection to ensure your event delivers value and engagement. Get insider tips on flawlessly managing logistics—from venue and accommodation to catering and scheduling. Plus, discover how to create a memorable experience with networking, social events, and unique activities. Transform your book’s message into an immersive, real-world experience.

Are you ready to become aPurposed & PublishedAuthor?

Weekly Masterminds with Sharai

Priceless $$$

Guidance and Accountability


Private FB Community


Personalized Writing Feedback


Ongoing Editing Support


Exclusive Networking Opportunities


Exclusive Access to Guides and Worksheets




When you add it all up, it comes to a value of $40,000 but you can enroll today for a special investment.

Get Started Now!

You Are Protected

You’re protected with our 100% risk-free money-back guarantee.
This program has the power to change your life. That’s a fact based on past students who stayed in action and did the work.

We’re confident that if you do the work, you’ll see tremendous progress. We back that up with our 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee.

If you complete the exercises and submit your content for critique but don’t make any progress with writing your book in 30 days, you get a full refund.

Hey There,

I’m Sharai Robbin, Simon & Schuster bestselling author, professional editor, literary coach and founder of Good Ground Literary Services. I’ve had a passion for writing since I was eight years old and over the past 21 years I’ve helped hundreds of aspiring authors write and publish books. I’ve ghostwritten 12 books and I created a 6-figure business helping authors achieve their literary dreams. I’ve helped my clients make thousands on their book launches and turn their stories into profitable coaching and consulting businesses. But, I haven’t done it all on my own. With the support of a dynamic literary team, the Literary BAEs, that’s short for Bad Ass Editors, we help purpose-filled people discover the greatness in their stories and teach them how to write with confidence so they can publish books that grow their influence, impact and income.

And, we work with you to make it happen in The Purposed & Published Author Program

Is This for You ?

Not sure if Purposed & Published is for you.
Purposed & Published is not for everyone and truth be told, we’d prefer to help you figure out if it is for you BEFORE you join rather than waste your time. So let’s get to it…

Purposed and Published is for your if you:

  • Have a powerful message you want to share
  • Are healed enough to write
  • Are ready to take immediate action
  • Are driven to succeed and future focused
  • Ready to use a book to grow your business and your brand
  • Need a clear writing roadmap

Purposed and Published is not for your if you:

  • Dont know what you want to write about
  • Want to use a writing a book to help you heal
  • Are hesitant about taking action
  • Are still focused on the pain of your past
  • Don’t take constructive criticism well
  • Don’t do well with timelines and structure

I’d be amiss if I failed to take the time to thank you Sharai Robbin for your PUSH, honed craft, skill, and excellency of care and guidance! You truly have a heart to serve and want the best from those you lead. I finally crossed over the finish line with my first project and the second one is underway – couldn’t, honestly, wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for your program.

Toyia Caise

Author of Take Care of You


How would it feel to be a part of a results-driven program — giving you actionable steps to implement right away?

Don’t walk away from the chance to eliminate any confusion, stress, or roadblocks preventing you from writing and publishing your book. With the program’s hands-on support, you’ll feel motivated to crush your goals and have the confidence to take share your message with the world.

If you’ve read this far, you owe it to yourself

to honestly answer these questions

  • What if all YOU did in P&P was finish your book this year?
  • What if all YOU did in P&P was establish yourself as an authority in your industry?
  • What if all YOU did in P&P was get your message out to more people?
  • What if all YOU did in P&P was get booked on major stages to share your story?

There’s never been a better time to change your life and become a successfully published author now.

I want you to take a minute a picture where you want to be 6 months from now.

Now let me ask you this

Do you honestly believe that if you keep on doing the exact same things you’re doing now, you’re going to end up where you want to be?

The answer is no.
The only way to get a different result is to do things differently.

Frequent Objections

You have questions. I have answers.

The modules are pre-recorded so you can study them on your own time and at your own pace. In the program, you’ll move through the weekly-released modules so you can focus on one important step of the process at a time.
You’re writing a book. You have a lot to do and you get out what you put in. To see results expect to commit 3-5 hours per week.
We’re confident that if you do the work, you’ll see tremendous progress. We back that up with our 30 day risk-free money back guarantee.

If you complete the exercises and attend the live calls to get feedback but don’t make any progress with writing your book in 30 days you get a full refund.

While you will receive some developmental editing and support in P&P, you will still need a final edit when you finish writing.

Yes!This is exactly what I need.