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You’d be surprised how many incredible people with powerful stories have been holding onto their book ideas for anywhere from 5-25 years.  Crazy, right? I know, but the truth is most people know they have a life-changing book they want to write. They just don’t know how to get started or how to organize all they have to say, and this leaves them stuck and struggling. 

If this is you, trust me, my love. You are not alone.

The biggest roadblock keeping you and most new writers stuck when it comes to writing a book and sharing your story is that you think you’ve got to figure this all out by yourself.  Somewhere along the line, somebody told you that you’ve got to wait until you’re completely finished writing your book to get help with it. 

This is all wrong.  

The truth is: Waiting to get help will keep you stuck. 

Every day my team and I help incredible people with powerful stories write life-changing books. We get deep into the heart of their message and help them find their voice so they can write with confidence and authority. We help them impact the world with their stories. 

And we want to help you too. We want to help you get unstuck and finally write that ONE BOOK that’s going to change your life. 

Are you ready to share your story? Are you ready to change the world with one book?

If so, let’s go.

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Sharai is real. She’s honest and that helps writers to be honest and open about our writing process. If we’re happy or frustrated or sad, we don’t get beat up for it but she still pushes and helps you actually see a finish line. She doesn’t let you get stuck. She sets milestones, measurable goals and holds you accountable to get it done.

Cynthia Carter

Sharai really unlocked the thoughts I had deep down and gave me the confidence to attack my dreams. I consider her a mentor and someone who has literally changed my life. I get excited when we meet because I know she’s going to pull something out of me.

Going from imposter syndrome to living your dreams, Sharai is someone who can ask you questions no one has ever asked you and you’ll get answers you didn’t even know where there. I didn’t expect to become a better speaker by learning how to write but I’m thankful for all of the transformative moments throughout this process. I would not have been able to write a quality book without Sharai and I stil I got more than what I invested.

Jeremiah Brown

Author of Lead Like a Champion

Working with Sharai is challenging and exciting.  But I’m thankful that she followed her calling and I’m thankful she loves her writers and that she puts her heart into what she does. That helps when it gets hard. If I didn’t have someone who cared it would be a lot easier to give up but Sharai cares. She really wants to see us succeed. And because she puts her heart into, it helps me put that much more into my writing. So many people have come to me after reading my book and told me how my story helped them but I wouldn’t have been able to write my book if Sharai and her team hadn’t helped me.

Laurine LaBlanc

Author of Unapologetically Resilient

Sharai is extremely encouraging and I just love that she shares everything in her process to help you in your process. She doesn’t hold anything back, and I appreciate her transparency and her honesty. She’s really honest about the writing. What I love about her is that she gives you a space to be who you are. She gives you a space to feel your pain so that you can get past the blocks that you have in writing and get it done.

Toni Holder